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    Default HabboxLive Management Applications!

    We currently have a very rare opportunity here at Habbox - the prestigious position of HabboxLive Manager is open!

    If you're someone who cares about the community, enjoys entertaining the masses with music & chatter, and knows their way around a DJ panel, this could be the role for you.

    You will need to be:

    - Polite and understanding, especially with newer members who may not know the systems very well.
    - Able to give your time (at least 3 hours a week on air, plus any behind the scenes work!) to ensure the department runs smoothly.
    - A fun and approachable person who can inspire others to give up their time.
    - Willing to effectively work on leaderboards and other staff monitoring tools.
    - Creative and forward-thinking, as departmental events will rely heavily on you!

    We're realistically at this time looking for one manager to take on the task, but if there are multiple strong applications there may be an Assistant Manager job up for grabs too.
    If you're interested, simply fill in the form below and send it on to me!

    Any queries about the role or anything else related, feel free to get in touch with me, lawrawrrr or Ozad


    Habbox.com username (if different to Habboxforum username):
    Habbo.com username:
    Experience with DJing online:
    Why we should select you to lead the department:
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