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    Default Online Courses For Nurses?

    Hello friends, I usually get on this to read the valuable opinions everyone gives to other people's concerns, and if I know something, I would give my opinion on their concerns too. And I don't know what happened to me, or how I ended up in this confusing situation, here I am wondering what step next should I take in my career! I am completely confused; I hope you guys can help me here! I am currently working as a registered nurse, and I wish to take an RN-BSN nursing program. But the issue is I have a day shift, and I today talked with my supervisor (5th time!!!) to reshape my working hours, and he said he is helpless in here (due to heavy work scheduling)! Even if I am willing to cut out my family and friend's time to get this course, I don't think my hospital will help me in this situation! And my husband suggested me to take an online nursing program (he said this is my last hope!)! I researched and researched, and researched some more and somehow got here: Online RN-BSN program. I learned about their curriculum, working hours, fees, and all and found this is the perfect Online nursing program for me! And I need your suggestions and advice on this! Should I wait for my supervisors' approval and take a traditional course?? Or should I enroll in this course NOW??

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    I am a big advocate for online courses especially when you also have a full-time job during the day. If you feel that you will get the same level/more out of taking an online course (and I think you have a good understanding of that) then why not! Plus since ur working as an RN you will get the same amount of practical experience and application

    It also never hurts to ask a supervisor or advisor of the program to learn more about the application of the online program

    Best of luck


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