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    Default [HabbIsland] Set Sail on Habborella

    We at Habbox are thrilled to announce that after many years on hiatus, the Habborella Love cruise ship is back in business and ready to take passengers to the Habb Island Villa.

    We expect a wonderful trip full of love, romance, and lots of fine chocolates!

    While you pack your bags and sunscreen, there’s just one request we have for you. The cruise ship is missing a crucial component that needs to be found before we can set sail for Habb Island, and we need your help to figure out what it is!

    Our engineers on the cruise ship left some clues to help you complete your task:

    • Word from below deck says that it’s gotten mighty steamy in the engine room, so hopefully this item is found quickly!

    • Captain Frank says the missing item was first seen in the hands of Habbos back in 2008, during the original voyage of the Habborella cruise ship.

    A review of some Habbo history should point you in the right direction!

    If you think you know what item of furni the ship needs to set sail, PM your answer to Rebloggers.

    All correct entries will earn 25 tokens and users will also be entered into a raffle drawn on February 15th for 20c + 200 tokens!
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    This competition is NOW OPEN!

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