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    Default Moderator Applications

    I can only but assume that as you're reading this, you're interested in becoming a Forum Moderator, or perhaps you just enjoy reading?
    I'm looking for ONE moderator to join both sexpot & YellowBelli to help moderate the forum and encourage healthy conversation within.

    Here are some FAQ's:

    "I've never been a moderator, can I still apply?" - Yes, although experience is preferred, it's not essential as full training is given.
    I'm new here, can I still apply? - As long as you've been registered at least 3 months you can apply.
    "Do I need to login to the forum everyday" - Much like every job at Habbox, there is no strict guidelines, however activity is key for moderating.
    "Are these actually questions that are frequently asked? - Not even in the slightest, I've completely made them up for the purpose of this thread.
    "Will there be a trial period? - Yes, you'll be on a trial period that will last approximately 2 weeks after training is finished.
    "How many Maltesers can you fit in your mouth? - Twenty One.

    Moderators Job Role:

    Ensuring all users are following and abiding by the Forum Rules
    Interact and promote/encourage healthy conversations within the forum
    Help and assist new and current members of the forum
    Post around the forum and create new threads
    Help with ideas for seasonal events and competitions run by the forum department
    Be an active member who is approachable, kind and bubbly

    If you think that you'll be a great addition to our current team then please fill out the application below and send it to Sectional

    Quote Originally Posted by Sectional
    Why do you want to be a moderator?:
    What kind of moderator do you think you'll be?:

    Tell me a little about yourself?:
    What is your least favourite forum rule and why?:
    Past experience (if any):
    Feel free to copy and paste this template below:

    Please submit all applications via PM to Sectional

    Applications will remain open until a suitable candidate is selected.
    Last edited by Sectional; 22-05-2020 at 10:37 AM.

    I deserve to be alright, I deserve to sleep at night
    I'm my closest friend, I remind myself again
    Better treat him well, cause he's with me till the end

    I'm not senDing sublimInal messagEs to rule breakers
    Love Jarkie, jamiexo Loved

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