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    Silvercoins Guess That Habbox! ~Ends July 2nd

    Hello everyone! One of my favorite "board games" would have to be Guess Who. In this game, the object is to describe different characters on your board, in order to decide which character your opponent has selected. With this game, you keep narrowing it down until you find out who the correct person is.

    So, for this competition, we will play it Habbox style. Below will be clues about a randomly selected Habbox staff, and you will need to try to narrow it down to one person. You should be able to solve a majority of the information from their forum account.

    Habbox Mystery Person Clues:
    1. This person's favorite football team is Aston Villa.
    2. This person is from Birmingham, UK.
    3. This person joined Habbox in February of 2020.
    4. This person has recently participated in The Mole game on the forum.
    5. This person's Zodiac sign is Aquarius.

    Once you go through the hints (and do your research), you can send your final guess HERE!

    One lucky winner will receive 5c!

    Good luck!
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    This comp is now open!

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