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    thank you to everyone who organized, moderated, provided entertainment (especially our djs) and simply hung out during that absolute nightmare. looking forward to the next one!
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    a mASSIVE thank you to everyone involved in this event, it's no small undertaking to have a consistent event and hosts for 40+ hours so really well done everyone.

    Few special shoutouts that would feel wrong not to acknowledge ...

    to @Winslet; for organising it in the first place, all the planning and nagging for hosts/djs and for dealing with a lot of the drama!!
    to @tbl; for the fabulous room!!! I loved the different levels, being able to sit and like, observe!! A design like that would make a fab hxhd too in the future if we need ideas ;D
    to all of the room hosts and i'm 90% sure I'll miss someone SORRY but I wnated to shotuout particularlyl to @FlyingJesus;, @Ekelektra; @habbosymbols; who seemed to always be there hsoting when I popped in!
    and finally to the radio DJs for getting ON IT and booking up all the slots, there was some fab teamwork going on and you should all be so proud!

    well done as well to the winners even though I think you're completely mad for doing it in the first place

    A great event for habbox!!!

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    Default купить дорогие под*рки


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