With this "how-about-making-a-pixel-art-showcase-place-for-you-as-well" invitation and the realization that the most recent (habbo-y) pixelart from my graphics folder is dated as hell (enough to make one curious on whether or not at least a tiny improvement of the world perception improved), it seemed convenient to show you something that isn't as old as those from the time life was easy but sketching a straight line wasn't. Sometimes you just forget how cool it is to draw alterations as the people that came before you used to, and how they can give some actual purpose to the maths you learnt since the past 15 years -- a double success, of course

the most frigging cool about the whole craft is that you're doing it for yourself then, if you fancy so, you have the creative license of drawing stuff that the elusive subordinates from sulake inc would never have a solid reason to put into the game's furniture catalogue - that being said, behold Hermeto Pascoal playing 2 notes from the cheapest piano from The Sims nonstop. It's not just about the cool hat and horse shoe: Hermeto Pascoal is the best musician from the entire Earth, you can tell Hermeto Pascoal knows what he is doing

2021 won't be an easy year at all, and it also seemed convenient to stay in touch with the person that helped to make things a little bit more bearable , let alone how it works as a visual "yo, thanks', at least on the tiniest intentional degree

Feedbacks of all nature welcome, for how disposable would the world be if all thought alike, right?

Now: let's take a look together at what happened before the drawing was fully drawn