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if you had paid any attention to twitter over the last few months, youd understand they really didnt want to ban him until the point he basically, yno, incited violence
You cannot point me to what the President actually said to "incite" because saying to a crowd to "march on the Capitol" is a frequently used phrase, and leading Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and others have used very similar phrases over the years too. Yes what the crowd of hillibillies did was disgraceful, but it was no more a coup de'tat by the President than some knuckleheads just acting as morons. As for the President's opponents, not to mention them RTing in support of BLM as cities burned.

Twitter are part of the establishment who simply don't want an outsider to ever again have a chance of reaching the halls of power, which is why they're now going after anyone on the right. Meanwhile on the very same platform the Ayatollah of Iran has been allowed to post for years threats to wipe Israel off the map along with the Chinese Community Party being allowed to put out spurious claims as it has millions of dissenters in prisons.

To their eternal credit, both Chancellor Merkel and President Macron condemned trying to silence the US President.