Easter has come and gone, and our time on Planet Eastar is once again over

The tired and bedraggled Lord Thumper and Lady Marshmallow are ever so thankful to you all for letting them get a few days of rest in - it's not easy ruling a planet AND raising a huge litter of baby buns!

It was a fab week of searching, capturing, exploring, creating, and even dressing up in disguise to get the kits back to their parents, and of course some of us got a little taster of what sleepless nights with a bunch of rowdy young'uns is like by taking part in the Last Man Standing event at the weekend, what an absolute killer that was. Extra thanks of course to our wonderful department managers who put together these tasks for everyone, it's been a real success and lots of fun.

They may still look knackered, but they're smiling on the inside.

So now it just remains to announce the winners!

21 people took part and while the biiiiiiig prizes are for the top 3, 13 separate contestants have earned themselves some credits (possibly more taking into account regular comps winners!) so well done everyone.

CERTAIN PEOPLE I KNOW believe that winning is everything and that "it's the taking part that counts" is nonsense, but of course taking part really is the only way to win. With mini tournaments like these where you get points just for entering, those who get involved do tend to come out on top!

With that in mind, let's all congratulate our top scorer who entered every single task and competition that was available -

It's @Chipmunks!

And in second place, who may well be kicking herself for missing out on ONE SINGLE TASK -

It's @NattyNatNat!

And our third place winner, who hasn't been bullying me to post the results at all -

It's @sexpot!

Congratulations to our top three, it was extreeeeeeeeeeeeemely close.
The full leaderboard for those who are interested ended up like this:

We love a spreadsheet here at Habbox.

I did mention that there were winners outside of the top three, so congrats to the following who are also due some coinage:
@Hola. @tbl @LUCPIX @jamiexo @camlow @ErickSloth @RuthOnToast @katejw62 @habbosymbols @Tsarian

Please contact a GM for your prizes!
Thank you all again to everyone who got involved in any way, and a huge well done to our winners