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    Default Do models set an unrealistic standard of beauty?

    Fashion is a highly debated industry in regards to the women that participate in popular runway shows and photoshoots.

    There are many physical characteristics that distinguish women in the fashion industry, versus those that are not. These could be characteristics in regards to height, weight, and facial features. This leads to self confidence issues amongst those women and young girls that do not match the image of that portrayed in this industry.

    With that being said, many people can debate that models are setting the wrong standards of beauty.

    What are your thoughts?


    For more information on the debate guidelines and how to win prizes see the guidelines thread here

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    Of course it doesn't match reality as the entire point of it is to sell, and if you want to sell something you make it look as good as possible. That's true for models showing off clothes, for people selling houses, for architects drawing renders and hotels advertising. At the end of the day, many things are popular/more popular because we want to bonk the person - take Shawn Mendes for example, would he be nearly as popular if he wasn't extremely handsome? We're all guilty of it.

    Not that it is entirely a bad thing either, it is just a part of being human.

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    There are a lot more "Plus sized" models and "Dad bods" models around these days though
    It's obviously recognised in the industry..

    Doesn't help that most influencers on social media have their real life and then their Instagram life.. 2 are completely different. It's been proven that influencers will go on holiday once, and take hundreds of photos, all in different clothes, different places locally to their holiday, and proceed to post those photos months, even years after the holiday.. Creating the illusion that they're always flying abroad.
    Which in turn makes people compare their life with others, from what they have and experience, to their looks and general lifestyle. It's never a good thing to compare yourself to someone else, you might think you have a decent life, cushty job, nice house etc.. but the second you compare it to others, especially influencers on social media, it suddenly feels like your life is shit. Same applies for looks too.

    That said, apart from plus sized models, I don't think I've seen any "average joe" looking models.. Not that I recall anyway, but I don't really watch TV/adverts these days.. All online streaming services lmao.
    but yeah they do create an unrealistic standard of physical beauty, I mean beauty can also be non-physical too, such as a beautiful personality. Hopefully with more plus sized models and dad bod models being hired.. there will be less kids walking around with the anxiety that they're not pretty enough, not muscly enough etc..

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    I mean, absolutely. I heard once on some TV show that back in the 80's the stylists and general fashion-wise folks started to get frustrated on how the average supermodels were so beautiful that they, in some extent, used to upstage their very own clothes, so the alleged solution to this would be making them as fit as they could possibly be, and the rest is history

    It is not only unrealistic, but incoherent, cruel and, depending of the case, racist to develop a consent of beauty that only women with lottery-lucky-genetic-attributes can carefreely accommodate themselves into.

    To think that being fat was a condition of privilege, >100k years ago!

    But, hey, as the fourth dimension's internet consumers that even the most popular fractions of the world are these days, the capitalism couldn't help noticing that inclusivity and diversity can be lucrative for them, then, as Sectional said, the relatability and the previously-unsupported standards are taking their place as the ad world literally expose (and, at times, basically slapping our faces with) their newly-discovered love for minorities, almost as though they are wanting to apologize us
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