Bop to the Top of the leaderboard because... What Time is It? It's time for the Start of Something New - the latest HxSS event and relive your High School Musical.

Make sure to Getcha Head in the Game before you head down to [HxSS] East High (or type :roomid 65436506) and see if you can Work This Out.

Once you're in the room it's easy to be Just Getting Started.

In each section of the room, you've got to find the right furni to give you a question. Sorry guys, but it's High School, it's a spelling test. Find the right spelling and say it to be teleported to the next section.

Get all 4 letters (your codeword) and head into the tele to the finale room where Ms Darbus is waiting for you.

I Bet On It, you're going to be Fabulous.

Also just be glad that I didn't include humuhumunukunukuapua'a on the test.

Are you thinking I Want It All? Well, it's going to be a Night to Remember if you win one of these prizes, and I hope you don't Scream as you go Breaking Free to the top of your team, because remember, We're All In This Together!


Everyone who enters will win 10 points for their team.

Three randomly generated entries will receive 50, 30 and 20 points.

PLUS four randomly generated entries will also receive 25 credits!

This task is open from 00:00 on Saturday 15th August until 23:59 on Sunday 16th August - entries outside these times WILL NOT COUNT!

Good luck!