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Thread: Shinobi outfits

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    Oct 2021

    Default Shinobi outfits

    I swear when all the people trying to sell to get a quick buck all of us that held onto ours gonna be rich, hell Iím going to buy the ones people are selling for like 59c or less because you can still flip that for a profit like hell later on. The smart people are going to wait until we can sell em for like 300+ like all the other rare clothes in the catalog LOL. Rip to all the ones selling cheap as hell🙌🏼💯

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    I'd watch out, especially on recent rare wearables. Lately they have been rising and after a good week or 2, they begin to go back down.
    I really hope this time it's different! I personally like them and even binded 1 for myself.
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