HabboxLive are excited to announce the return of our Christmas talent / singing show -

❄️ Christmasoke!!!! ❄️

This year all entries must contain the words :

"Christmas" or "Party"

This means that the words must be contained within the song or within the songs title!!

All you have to do is record your entry and submit it by PM'ing me with your recordings link!! Please use Vocaroo to record your clips (Vocaroo | Online voice recorder) - It is simpler than wrapping presents!

However there are a few rules that you are required to follow if you would like to enter:

❄️ Songs must contain the word Christmas or Party - any entries that do not contain the word Christmas or Party will be rejected.
❄️ Songs must not contain naughty/ offensive words (we all want to end up on Santa's "nice" list right)!!!
❄️ This can be done as a group/duet or as a solo, groups that win will have to decide how the prizes are shared.
❄️ Please keep entries to a 2 minute maximum - clips longer than 2 minutes will be cut/edited down!
❄️ This is for prizes but also for fun, so please no pandering or bribing for votes and no fake voting accounts.

Our Festive Prizes up for grabs:

1st Place

150 Credits
1 x Diamond Box
3 weeks HxL VIP
200 forum tokens
And Christmasoke 2021 Bragging Rights

2nd Place

100 Credits
1 x Diamond Box
2 weeks HxL VIP
100 forum tokens

3rd Place

50 Credits
1 x Diamond Box
1week HxL VIP
100 forum tokens

You have until the 10th of December to submit your entries.

The first live show will take place on the 11th of December (details will be released soon ), so get ready to tune in and vote for Habbox's Number One Chistmasoke song.

Good luck everyone, and have fun!

HabboxLive Manager