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    Default The Habbox Awards 2021 ~ Results!

    You voted, we counted, and the awards have been announced! If you missed them live on air, you can see here who won what award.

    Huge huge huge thanks to lawrawrrr for DJing and announcing them all live, it was a really fun evening and your energy on air is always appreciated!

    Your winners are...

    Staff Awards

    Department of the Year: Content Design

    Articles Writer of the Year: @MadameJaquack;
    Graphics Designer of the Year: @ExtraKen;
    Content Designer of the Year: @Ekelektra;
    Forum Mod of the Year: @jamiexo;
    Help Desk Staff of the Year: @someboyrafa;
    HabboxLive DJ of the Year: @Kelky;
    Events Organiser of the Year: @mardytar;
    Competitions Staff of the Year: @LucyFaye;
    Room Builder of the Year: @Oivind;
    Values Reporter of the Year: @HaleKane;
    Kindest Staff: @tbl;
    Best Staff Newcomer: @mardytar;
    Manager of the Year: @MadameJaquack;
    Most Dedicated Staff: @jamiexo;

    Member Awards

    Kindest/Nicest Member: @ErickSloth;
    Sexiest Member: @Ozad;
    Most Helpful Member: @jamiexo;
    Cleverest Member: @FlyingJesus;
    Funniest Member: @FlyingJesus;
    Best Newcomer: @Cadigyna;
    Best Overall Member: @MadameJaquack;

    Unofficial Awards

    Biggest Grouch: @Reece.;
    Biggest Spammer: @Reece.;
    Best Forum Thread: Kind Words (from Habbox 18th)
    Best Song: UK Hun
    Most Likely to End Up in Jail: @nic01e;
    Biggest Scandal: Someone getting fired and banned

    Best Memories:

    Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a fun evening, and to everyone in general for being such a wonderful community. We're so grateful and so pleased to have all of you with us, and here's to a great 2022!
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    Blessed be
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