Hey everyone!

This is super late I know, life has gotten away from me lately so I'm currently playing catch-up with a lot of things, but here I am!
February is often an odd month IRL because those 2-3 fewer days really can make a difference and let it fly by unnoticed, but that's not the case at Habbox.

There was a whole load of Valentine's stuff on the forum including VIP, Valentine's cards to send out anonymously, and brand new icons, even one made by ME which you better have all bought...

On Habbo we had a fabulous badge event called "Bee My Valentine" (how could it not be great) which aside from being lovely and pretty also made us the first ever fansite to give out a brand new reward furni, so that was exciting! We also had a super cute blind date for the General Fansite Event, PLUS our very own Habbox Valentine's Prom.

We also celebrated TEN whole years of HabboxWiki, which is an insane achievement and one that we're very very proud of. The wiki we maintain is the biggest Habbo wiki in existence and a fantastic resource to have as part of the Habbox family of websites. If you have any knowledge that's not on there, please do feel free to add to this incredible site any time you like!

Last but certainly not least, our fabulous builders (because they obviously hadn't had enough to do this month... right???) have put together a fresh new AUCTION ROOM for us! Habbox will now aim to host regular auctions on the hotel, so come along and grab a bargain.

Each month our department managers will send us a nomination for their departments, and General Management will discuss who is most deserving from that list of nominees.
There will be up to three winners each month who will be awarded for their efforts with a lovely month of HC!

Without further ado, here are the winners for this month:

@greenvl; and @NattyNatNat; share the top billing for February!

Between them they've racked up just shy of 100 hours actively working behind the help desk to instruct and teach the noobs out there who need it most, as well as providing a fun and friendly environment to kick back and chat. It's been a pretty good month for HxHD in general, but these two really did go above and beyond, so thank you both and long may it continue.

You've both won a month of HC, and because I'm super slow you should have already received it!

Unfortunately not all nominations can win a prize, but we do have some honourable mentions to share too!

@Shannon; came close to getting 2 SOTMs in a row here, her energy and work rate have continued to be phenomenal and are greatly appreciated!

@Jazz; has also been an absolute blast on the radio with a great airtime record, and is always a friendly and welcoming face in the community!

@Shockwave.2CC; has also stepped up a lot in February and it's been noticed! A great month for HabboxLive, and a great month for our silent warrior.

Thanks everyone!!