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    Aug 2022

    Question Old school Habbo furni mazes?

    Hi guys, looking for some recommendations for old school furni mazes. I can't stand wired mazes and love the old school style. A lot of the ones I remember are broken due to the updates and not being able to sit in stackable furni you used to be able to sit in. I'm in the middle of doing --Mr-Lonely--'s maze which is awesome but tricky as hell. I'd love some other recommendations!
    To anyone else interested I have recently completed:
    Habbo Originals Maze - Sor
    Lucky Duck Maze (short but challenging)
    100% Confused Mazes - Bab (a remake of L1C's maze which is broken)
    Maze of magyk - giratfina487
    Shockwave Maze - Jibgilmon
    Old School Maze - mLeX
    Old School Maze - Auzzie-King
    Neon Maze - WayFunkadelic
    Taint3dlov3's Maze
    Little Maze for Giants - RiverPath
    There are some others that I am stuck on like AsaFar's classic maze and Glowcloud's maze (there is a rogue pixel you have to click in the Bensalem room and I can't find it at all even when zoomed in all the way)
    I miss mazes like Hell's maze and Cannonman's maze, they're both gone now. I don't think I ever finished Cannonman's maze, either.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Oct 2006

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    Mine is a wired maze but you're welcome to try it.

    Owner: Zak
    The Impossible Maze

    Hopefully it's still working, it has been open for a very long time.

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