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    Sep 2007
    United Kingdom

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    Default Quarterly Arcade Comp Winners ~ JUL - SEPT

    Welcome to the quarterly competition announcement!

    Any player who holds the #1 position in
    ANY arcade game at the end of each quarter will win themselves the following:

    1,000 Tokens
    2 weeks VIP
    This beautiful forum award

    Quarterly competitions run to the following schedule:

    January - March | April - June | July - September | October - December

    The winners for this quarter are:
    (In no particular order)
    @Shockwave.2CC; @Samantha; @LUCPIX; @Cody; @DustHabbo; ItsDino; @Cadigyna; @NattyNatNat; @Alysha; @Sho; @MadameJaquack; @Triz; @Brent; @LizzieTBH; @lawrawrrr; @welshcake; @FlyingJesus; @tbl; @jamiexo;

    You can view the current leaderboard by clicking here

    Happy Gaming!

    Last edited by Triz; 01-10-2022 at 09:41 AM.

    There's another shooting today, and this one was bad
    I'm glad that we all hope and pray, but it takes more than that
    We've been trying, we've been crying
    Hoping that they will do more than keep lying
    I need to believe that people can change
    Or else this life has all been in vain
    What's the point of fighting if we're fighting for a lie?

    I'm not senDing sublimInal messagEs to rule breakers
    Love Cadigyna Loved

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