Wsup is the new Lemonade champion, achieving a highscore of: 37.000!

If there’s one thing I’m really terribly fussy about, it’s freshly squeezed juice. It’s not just ensuring that not a single drop is lost, I also have to make sure I squeeze everything possible out of each pitiful piece of fruit! Lemonade understands this. To the sounds of nostalgic carnival music, juice gets squeezed to your heart’s content from oranges, lemons or melons right up to the brim into ever smaller glasses. And woe betide you should anything be lost. A juicy amount of accuracy is in demand!
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Quarterly Competitions!

Any player who holds the #1 position in ANY arcade game at the end of each quarter will win themselves the following:

1,000 Tokens
2 weeks VIP
This beautiful forum award

Quarterly competitions run to the following schedule:

January - March
April - June
July - September
October - December