Hey everyone!

SOTM has been on a bit of a hiatus due to... well, life frankly. The run-up to Christmas was utter madness and I never properly picked it up after; but rest assured there was still some sneaky HC sent out during those months, just no announcements.


Here we are with Spring just around the corner (in the Northern hemisphere anyway, obv going the other way for those underneath!) having made it through the shortest month of the year in more or less one piece, despite Valentine's
bleurrrgh! and of course the fun of the ransomware attack that the sites suffered aaaand now it's time to celebrate some of our top chaps and chappesses.

Each month our department managers are asked to nominate staff they think have been particularly fab, and General Management will discuss who is most deserving.
There will be up to three winners each month who will be awarded for their efforts with a lovely month of HC!

Without further ado, here are the winners for this month:

@jasminea; was a real rockstar in Feb, volunteering to lead on the RB badge event and creating (I quote) "a bobba ton of rooms", as well as promoting us on social media with an associated giveaway comp. Fantastic energy, much appreciated!

@Shannon; has been doing a load of early Spring cleaning at HxL, chopping and changing some of the ways the department runs to make it even more fun in the community. Really exciting and invigorating to see her passion and planning mapped out!

* + * + You've both won a month of HC, so keep your eyes peeled on your HC status or for a gift * + *+

Unfortunately not all nominations can win a prize, but we do have some honourable mentions to share too!

@.Nat; is another who provides pure energy in the community, and is a fab coordinator for all things Help Desk-y!

@Reece.; also stepped up a lot in RB this month with a flurry of builds, and has been one of the most active chatters on Discord to keep things active!


General shout-out to everyone who's been getting involved these last few months when things have been so globally difficult, we really really can't do this without you guys and it's so brilliant to see people pushing for a fun and inclusive community here, you're all superstars

Thanks everyone!!