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    Default Habbox Mothers Day! ~Ends March 24th

    Habbox Mother's Day!
    It's Mothers day here in the UK on Sunday the 19th March!
    Let's celebrate some of our Habbox Mums by learning some more about them.

    For This Competition,
    Match the interesting fact to the correct Habbox Mama!

    1. This Habbox Mum owns a teddy bear that is almost 100 years old.
    2. This Habbox Mum didn't provide me an interesting fact because they're too stressed.
    3. This Habbox Mum is lactose intolerant and still eats cheese daily.
    4. This Habbox Mum owns a few props and costumes used in a well known film series.
    5. This Habbox Mum has a weird crush on Matty Healy.
    6. This Habbox Mum is left handed.
    7. This Habbox Mum is doing their master's degree.
    8. This Habbox Mum has given Katie Price a parking ticket.
    9. This Habbox Mum was obsessed with dinosaurs as a child.

    Habbox Mama List

    Match the fact to the correct Habbox Mum!
    Send your entries here!
    The perfect who guesses the most correct will win 10c!
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