So sort of like New Year Resolutions, what are your general aims for this year?

After a lovely 2023 which followed a good 2022 which followed two/three god awful awful awful years, I have a few aims now that I'm in the right mindset. Really looking forward to this year and already putting my plans into motion.

- Been accepted for a PGCE + QTS at University this September (fully funded by govt).
- Strongly considering a Masters in International Relations with OpenUniversity to do in my own time.
- Arranged an exit from my teaching job this Easter after 6 years teaching in Spain.
- Preparing to get my driving theory + practical done after Easter (exam paid for and booked).
- Going on a 5-week solo backpack in likely April/May, possibly around India/Pakistan/Bangladesh/Nepal/elsewhere.
- Should be teaching again for good ??? in June in Liverpool at a University summer camp, really enjoyed last year doing so.

Basically getting all the nitty gritty stuff out of the way this year so I can head into 2025 better qualified, able to earn a lot more money and go anywhere I want (maybe Spain again, maybe Australia or Saudi or wherever I fancy) to teach. At same time I'll start stashing money away to buy a house here, rent it out and then start preparing to adopt kids in my late 30s once I've got financial security behind me (the house).

So still intending to have fun/travel/live abroad, but just do it more as a secure thing.

How about you?