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    Summer is finally in full swing for us Northern Hemisphere folks & with that comes a bunch of fun activities such as Habbox's birthday, and HxSS being right around the corner! We hope you will all participate in the festivities.

    Each month our department managers will send us a nomination for their departments, and General Management will discuss who is most deserving.

    There will be up to two winners each month who will be awarded for their efforts with a lovely month of HC!

    Without further ado, here are the winners for June!

    @Atom332; Adam has returned to HxL after a brief hiatus and has hopped right back into it and hosted many amazing slots for our entertainment. Not only that, but he provides a welcoming presence and brings new ideas to the HxL group chat and is a friendly face to have around. Thank you for all that you do, Adam!!

    [B @PingvinIsBack; Felix has been a longtime staff member, hanging out in the Help Desk and assisting those who need help. He's been doing a great job at meeting minimums, and he's even stepped a little bit away from his Sunday night hours Thank you for everything, Felix!

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