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    Default The 2020 Habbox Awards ~ WINNERS!

    Aaaah what a lovely community you all are!

    Your winners of the Habbox Awards 2020 are...

    Staff awards

    Articles Writer of the Year: @YellowBelli;
    Graphics Designer of the Year: @ExtraKen;
    Content Designer of the Year: @ChlorineDioxide;
    Forum Mod of the Year: @jamiexo;
    Help Desk Staff of the Year: @jamiexo;
    HabboxLive DJ of the Year: @cameron446:;
    Events Organiser of the Year: @RuthOnToast;
    Competitions Staff of the Year: @LucyFaye;
    Room Builder of the Year: @Its.Dino;
    Values Reporter of the Year: @Rebloggers;
    Kindest Staff: @tbl;
    Best Staff Newcomer: @Shannon;
    Manager of the Year: @Shannon;
    Most dedicated: @lawrawrrr;

    Member awards

    Kindest Member: @LucyFaye;
    Sexiest Member: @FlyingJesus;
    Most Helpful Member: @jamiexo;
    Most Clever Member: @FlyingJesus;
    Funniest Member: @FlyingJesus;
    Best newcomer: @xXxMsPinkxXx;
    Best Overall Member: @jamiexo;

    Unofficial awards

    Biggest Grouch: @sexpot;
    Biggest spammer: @cameron446:;
    Best Forum Thread: Count to 2021 before 2021
    Best Song: Ja Ja Ding Dong
    Most Likely to End Up in Jail:

    Biggest Scandal:

    And finally, our best overall memories!

    Thank you EVERYONE for everything during an incredible Habboxular year.
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