Hi There,

I brought the V.I.P Membership today, and its fab! You have a choice of colours for your name, theres Orange,Black,PurpleandGreen I picked Orange because I thought it looked more attractive. Also, I was a newbie, but since I got V.I.P I can change it to anything so now it is "][Amber][ ][Habbox V.I.P][ ][Amber][" Its well fab! And when I was a NON-V.I.P my friend made me a well cool advatar, but it was too big, but since I got V.I.P membership, it works! And its the advatar I have now! V.I.P Membership is great, so if you like the sound of it, BUY IT! I highly recommend it! And its so much for such a small price! :eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc