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    Default [HxEE] Article Nag a Rams!

    For this year's Easter Eggstravaganza, the Article department is testing your anagram knowledge! You can win Easter Eggs and a prize if you're consistently good!

    We are giving 3 Easter Eggs to everyone who solves the anagram - plus 5 additional Easter Eggs for whoever manages to get them all right - it'll be randomised if there is more than one person with them all right!

    The randomised winner will also grab themselves a month of HC or a sack on Habbo!

    Good luck! The first article will be posted VERY shortly... and you just need to PM me (click here!) with your entry

    Click here to check out new articles and follow Habbox on Twitter to keep up to date!

    Articles Management
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    Want to write for Habbox? Send me your application!

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    Congratulations to @Kittysoft; who has won the bonus prize! Let me know what prize you'd like

    Commiserations to @Samanfa; and @Ripieno; who also got all 5 right but lost out on the random number generator!
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