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    Default The Ninth Annual Habbox Summer Spectacular!

    The 2015 Habbox Summer Spectacular is here!

    It's that time of the year again when Habbox hosts the yearly Summer Spectacular. You may have heard of HxSS, but if not, don't worry! This is one of the biggest events Habbox holds and there are many ways you can earn points for your team and win some fantastic prizes.

    For the people who have never taken part in the Habbox Summer Spectacular in previous years and don't have a clue what it is, don't panic!

    Habbox Summer Spectacular (or HxSS for short) is a big event that started around NINE years ago, a fantastic four-team battle for points in a great range of events that take place on Habbo, Habbox, HabboxLive and HabboxForum.

    There is usually a lot of inter-team rivalry, but that is expected in these types of events but in the end it's a ton of fun and also great way to bond with other users.

    What makes it so SPECTACULAR? For the next 14 days (until 23:59 BST on 22 August) there will be events held around the clock, around 100 or so events for you to take part in and grab some points for your team. And what do points mean? PRIZES!

    *Events/Times will change throughout the next two weeks as more events may be booked and other events maybe cancelled and other various reasons. Keep your self up to date on what events are taking place by visiting the timetable.

    So what do you get out of it, if you take part? Well the following:
    • The fun of the competition between the teams: join one by clicking here!
    • Hanging out with your team-mates
    • Making new friends on the hotel and Habbox sites
    • Beating that Forum Moderator who gave you an infraction in one of the many events
    • Furni prizes at the Habbo events: check out the calendar!
    • Prizes for the winning team such as credits!
    • VIP prizes & Reputation Points up for grabs (see below)
    and lots more!

    Please make sure you visit the Habbox Summer Spectacular forums and read the "Rules & Regulations"!


    The main Habbox Summer Spectacular prizes are:
    Winning Team
    1st: 300c, 3 Months VIP + Emerald Ring
    2nd: 200c + 2 Months VIP
    3rd: 100c + 1 Months VIP
    4th to 10th: 10c

    Second Team
    1st: 200c + 3 Months VIP
    2nd: 100c + 2 Months VIP
    3rd: 50c + 1 Months VIP

    Third Team
    1st: 100c + 3 Months VIP
    2nd: 50c + 2 Months VIP
    3rd: 25c + 1 Months VIP

    Fourth Team
    1st: 50c + 3 Months VIP
    2nd: 25c + 2 Months VIP
    3rd: 10c + 1 Months VIP

    Top Overall Scorer: 5,000 tokens
    2nd Overall Scorer: 3,000 tokens
    3rd Overall Scorer: 1,000 tokens
    And every department event has its own amazing prize too! Check out the full list below
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    The full list of what departments are offering! Click the banner for more information!


    The Articles department are bringing you wordsearches and crosswords!

    Points prize: 20 points for every correct entry and one person will win 50 point. Prizes may increase if one is difficult!


    The Competitions department has daily comps for you to enter: click here to see those!

    There are also two bigger competitions to enter: Habboxers' Fortunes and Classic Insults - with more to come in week two!

    Points prize: 100, 75 and 50 points for each daily comp (1st second and third); Insults 100 points per day; Habboxers' Fortunes 20 points for each ranking plus a bonus 50!
    Other prizes: Habboxers' Fortunes has 1 Month Forum VIP and
    50 Reputation Points for one entrant!

    Content Design

    Test your skills in Content Designs' maze!

    Points prize: 50 points for each winner
    Other prizes: Rep, tokens, a raffle ticket or furni!


    As well as hosting tons of fun events for you guys, the Events department brings you...

    Test your skills in Habbox's wired maze!

    Points prize: 660 points in total!
    Other prizes: A gold bar for one lucky entrant!

    Make your way through the carnival to bag yourself points!

    Points prize: 1st place, 100 points; 2nd place, 50 points; 3rd place, 25 pointsOther prizes: Rep, tokens, furni or a raffle ticket!

    Test your skills with the minigames waiting in the Cube!!

    Points prize: 75 points for completing it all
    Other prizes: Rep, tokens, furni or a raffle ticket!

    Can you beat Habbox's recruits to come out top of the tournament?

    Points prize: Up to 100 points for winning the tournament
    Other prizes: Rep, tokens, credits AND forum VIP, depending on what round you get to!


    The forum department has lots of interesting things to get involved in!

    The main competition involves your maths skills! Together with HabboxLive, the forum is bringing you a maths competition to find a secret forum...

    Points prize: 200 points
    Other prizes: 50 credits

    There are also posting and referral competitions to win up to 100 points!

    Points prize: Up to 100 (referral) or 50 points (posting)


    Whether it's creating or admiring current graphics, Zealoux has you covered!

    Ever wanted a specific furni item on Habbo that doesn't exist? Here's your chance to (kinda) make it a reality!

    Points prize: 20 points per entry plus 100 points for winner
    Other prizes: 50 credits + 2 weeks VIP

    Spot all the items in a postcard from the AGMs to bag yourself this prize!

    Points prize: 5 points per item found plus a bonus of 10 for getting them all right


    As well as on-air competitions (check out the booking thread for those!) and the joint event with the Forum, HabboxLive has...

    Fancy yourself as a singer? Check out the biggest singing comp on Habbox!

    Points prize: 10 points per entry plus up to 200 points for the winner
    Other prizes: Up to... A gold Habbo trophy, 200c, 3 months forum VIP

    Help Desk

    As well as being the home for some events over the two weeks...

    Keep your beady eyes out for furni in the HxHD!

    Points prize: 10 points per day plus a 40 point bonus!


    As well as the build a rare comp with Graphics (above), there's something coming soon!

    General Management

    Coming soon!

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    The overall winner will now also receive an emerald ring! All raffle tickets gained during the Habbox Summer Spectacular will also be up for the chance to win another emerald ring!

    These prizes are courtesy of @Plebings; & @Expling;! Many thanks guys

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