As reported this morning we detected a major problem with the HabboxForum database very late last night. The problem is that the “posts” table which contains all of your posts and threads was corrupted. After hours of looking into this and trying to repair the damage we have come to the conclusion that the damage is beyond repair and anything posted within the past 2 months has been lost.

Normally, this would be a somewhat okay situation as we would then look at the backup system and restore from a more recent copy of that. But unfortunately we have also figured out today that the backup system for the databases have not been working correctly either and also a number of other failures on the server and the monitoring system.

We can only apologise for the above and we will definitely be making sure there is a number of fail safes in place to prevent this from happening again.

What does this mean now? We are still working on getting the forum in a condition that would allow us to re-open and allow you back onto the forum. But as mentioned we would like to make this clear – Anything you posted on the forum within the past two months will not appear.