Good afternoon everyone!

I'm thrilled to announce the first release of Content Week 2018!

Habbox finally has... a new logo! We are finally a BOX!!

Designed by the lovely @LUCPIX; this logo represents Habbox's history. The box contains:

• the UK hotel replica (to symbolise our roots as a UK fansite
• a globe (to represent our international users and growth)
• Frank (who has been representing our Wiki and login pages for years)
• a Throne, Dicemaster and Trophy (to represent our strong links to trading)
• a computer (because, we're online!)
• a rainbow (to represent our LGBT-friendly space)
• A balloon (to represent the old logo which has now been removed)

The Wiki also has it's own little version!

You will find these new logos across Habbox's platforms and websites across the coming weeks and months, and you may even see variations for seasons, departments and events!

Forum skin!

Since Version 7 was launched, we have never had a matching forum skin. That changes today! You can switch now by clicking here or using the switcher at the bottom and selecting Habbox Site Skin. I would like to also thank @Chris; for his initial work on this skin, as well as @despect; and @Sho; for their alpha testing!

The skin will be live for around a month in a 'beta' phase before it becomes the default forum skin for everyone visiting HabboxForum.

Preview it here (yes I really have that many notifications...)

Let us know if you spot any bugs or issues here!