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    Default Posting ranks, 5 year anniversary VIP, and 10 year milestone awards!

    Habbox Forum has been open since 2004 and while we've been through lots of changes over the years, our users have always remained central to everything we do!

    We have recently introduced a new User Ranking system to replace the existing promotions that were introduced in 2010.

    The posting ranks can be found below:

    Once you've been here for 5 years, you can claim Anniversary VIP!

    You can claim 3 months of VIP when you've been here for 5 years.

    You can then also claim one month for every year on top of that!

    (that means if you registered 7 years ago and haven't claimed anything, you can get 5 months of VIP in total!)

    To claim your VIP, PM the Forum Manager, Sectional.

    If you make it to 10 years, you are then eligible to join our first milestone usergroup, Habbox God! You can see the criteria below:

    Habbox God Criteria

    - Have 20,000+ posts
    - Been on the forum for 10 years or more.
    - Must have 5,000+ posts

    Or, if you make it to 15 years with 10,000 posts, you will be able to join our Habbox Legend usergroup

    Habbox Legend Criteria

    - Have 30,000+ posts
    - Been on the forum for 15 years or more.
    - Must have 10,000+ posts

    Both of these usergroups come with the following benefits:

    - Appear Offline (Invisible)

    - Gold Coloured Name (Sparkles)
    - Ability to see the VIP forum & have HTML user titles
    - Increased PM limit
    - Increased Signature image height limit

    If you meet the criteria above you can join the usergroup by going to User CP > Permission Groups or click here and Forum Management will review it! If you have any questions/feedback regarding this refer to the feedback forum or PM the Forum Manager, Sectional
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