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    Sep 2007
    United Kingdom

    Latest Awards:

    Lightbulb Awards Update & Newcomer/Member of the Month

    Users can now recommend another user for selected awards within the Awards page, similar to "Request Award" there is now a "Recommend Award" button.

    Here is a list of the awards which are currently available to recommend another user for.

    Member of the Month
    Debates Top Contributor
    Newcomer of the Month
    Habbox Top Wiki Contributor
    Structured Debates Award
    Conserved Debates Award
    Passionate Debates Award
    Revolutionary Debates Award
    Habbox Wiki 50 edits
    Habbox Wiki 100 edits
    Habbox Wiki 200 edits

    Once you submit a recommendation for a user to receive an award, it will be received and reviewed by the Management team, so please be as descriptive as you can about why that user deserves the award you're recommending them for! It's worth noting that not all recommendations will warrant being accepted, and only the person you recommended the award to will receive a PM notifying them that they have received the award.

    Newcomer/Member of the Month!

    In-line with Newcomer & Member of the month, users can now recommend these awards to other users, and whoever has the most recommendations at the end of each month will be granted the award along with the usual prize of NOTM/MOTM which are as follows:

    500 Tokens
    1 Month of VIP
    NOTM/MOTM Award as above

    Recommend a Newcomer of the Month
    Recommend a Member of the Month

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    There's another shooting today, and this one was bad
    I'm glad that we all hope and pray, but it takes more than that
    We've been trying, we've been crying
    Hoping that they will do more than keep lying
    I need to believe that people can change
    Or else this life has all been in vain
    What's the point of fighting if we're fighting for a lie?

    I'm not senDing sublimInal messagEs to rule breakers

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