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    Default New to Habbox? - EARN PRIZES

    Welcome to HabboxForum!

    We at Habbox like to strive to reward our new members for getting involved within the community by posting around the forum.

    Win Tokens and VIP by posting!

    New members are able to win some fantastic prizes simply by being active and participating in conversations within the forum.
    We understand that joining a large community such as Habbox may be a little daunting for you, with all the new faces and already established friendships within, however we hope that the below incentive will encourage and help you to make the most out of HabboxForum by joining in with conversations and discussions with other members, and even starting your own discussions for others to join in on!

    A reward system has been put into place for the first month that you are signed up to the forum.
    If you make 10 posts within the first week of being signed up to the forum then you will be rewarded with 500 Forum Tokens!

    Please note that posts in certain forums such as 'Spam' and Staff Forums do not contribute to your post count for this reward scheme.
    Don't worry if you don't manage to reach 10 posts within your first week, as you have a chance to win 1 month VIP if you make 100 posts in your first month!

    This reward system IS NOT automated, so please contact the Forum Manager Triz for your prize if you meet the criteria above.

    Newcomer of the Month

    We also have something called the "Newcomer of the Month" award.
    This is awarded to a new member that joins the forum that Habbox Users/Management feel has made an excellent contribution whilst being here.

    You can only be chosen as the Newcomer of the Month if you have been registered on the forum for less than 40 days
    If you are chosen as Newcomer of the Month then you will win 1 month Forum VIP and a "Newcomer of the Month" forum award.

    If you aren't sure what the forum awards are about, here is a quick explanation:

    Forum awards are given out for many different competitions, events and general forum things such as your post count and how long you have been around. Some of these you can request and some of them you can't request but they will be given to you personally. Awards are fun little things to collect and when you have some they will show up on your profile under the "Awards" tab.

    Click here to see a list of all the forum awards.
    If you aren't sure what the VIP is about then you can read about it by clicking here
    If you aren't sure what Tokens are then you can read about them by clicking here.
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