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    Default Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza 2020 - The Winners!

    Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza has come to an end, and what a fantastic turn out we had.
    It's time we bring it to a close and announce the winning team, who will it be?

    Without further ado, it's time to announce the winning team!


    A HUGE congratulations to Team Thumper on winning this tournament, after trailing behind for the entire of HxEE... they managed to turn it around in the Department tasks and Forum competitions!

    The Winners:

    First Place:


    A massive well done for Razzle for scoring a humongous 255 points - our TOP point scorer!
    150c, 3 months VIP, 150 tokens

    Second Place:

    @Hola.; / IAmDaBlack
    Coming in second in 185 points!

    100c, 2 months VIP, 150 tokens

    Third Place:

    Congratulations to Micka for scoring 160 points, coming in third place!
    75c, 1 months VIP, 100 tokens

    A devastating defeat for Team Marshmallow who were in the lead for almost the entire of HxEE, a hugely dedicated team who were unfortunately just not lucky enough when it came to the department events!

    The Winners:

    First Place:

    @november; / AShortAffair

    A MASSIVE well done to Nic, scoring a 200 points and coming in second overall!

    100c, 2 months VIP, 100 tokens

    Second Place:


    Scoring 180 points, a huge congratulations to Jamie!

    50c, 1 months VIP, 50 tokens

    Third Place:


    Last but not least, scoring 170 points and coming in third for his team - Congratulations Oivind!
    25c, 1 months VIP, 25 tokens

    Want to see how many points you scored? Click here!

    Well done and thank you to EVERYONE who participated, it wouldn't have been able to happen without you.
    To all of our event organisers, competitions staff, DJs for putting in that extra effort to make HxEE great!
    Lastly a special mention to our fabulous department managers for making it all possible as always, and our general managers for helping and assisting with the day to day running of the event!

    Didn't win anything?
    Well don't worry, EVERYONE who participated will be eligible to receive a Forum Award - this can be requested on the awards page of the forums, click here to head straight there - listed under 'participation awards'

    Lord Thumper Helper
    Awarded to all those who stood alongside Lord Thumper in his fight against Lady Marshmallow for HxEE 2020!

    Lady Marshmallow Helper
    Awarded to all those who stood alongside Lady Marshmallow in her fight against Lord Thumper for HxEE 2020!

    I hope you all had a wonderful Easter - Stay safe!

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