Hello hello hello!

No need for a huge intro here, just informing you that the team leaders for this year's HxSS have been chosen.

Oh, and I guess I'll let you know who they are. I'm nice like that.

The Black Team - Pirates!

Team admin:

Team leaders:

The Green Team - Greeks!

Team admin:

Team leaders:

The Red Team - Cowboys!

Team admin:

Team leaders:

The Blue Team - Vikings!

Team admin:

Team leaders:

Thank you to everyone who applied, we had an enormous number send in their Habbo résumé and as such have actually expanded leadership to 3 per team rather than the usual 2. So proud of Habbox and the community right now, I really am.

Those sharp-eyed folks out there checking the list may have noticed that alongside the GM team, we've recruited our very own Competitions Manager (the lovely Lynn) to step up and help out with the admin duties on Blue. As someone who experienced this himself last year, I can safely say that she'll be fab at it and with any luck will really enjoy the behind-the-scenes parts of HxSS that make it all run so smoothly!

Mega congrats on the expanded HxSS role Lynn, and also of course thank you hugely for agreeing to do it!

Those among the non-blind will ALSO have probably noticed the absolutely incredible pixel art we've had made up for our team characters! They are beyond amazing so massive thanks to @ExtraKen; and @LUCPIX; for their fantastic work on these, they've really come alive and look the part

Team pre-signups will be... soonish. There will of course be a fresh announcement for that, so keep an eye out and have yourself a think regarding which teams you'd prefer to fight for!