Hello Habboxers!

Many of you will now be back at school/college/work and things have understandably slowed a little as we transition back to sliiiiiightly normal ways of life. We don't want to leave you without things to do over the weekend though, especially with various lockdowns looking very likely in the near future!

Saturday Night Quiz, or SNQ, is a long-standing staple of Habbox and has traditionally been hosted in the Help Desk on... you guessed it, a Saturday night. It's fallen a little by the wayside of late though, so we're hoping these changes can help to make it a more regular and more enjoyable event.

From this coming Saturday (3rd October) SNQ will look like thissssssssss:

A change to the start time - it will now take place at 9pm (UK time!) in the Habbox Help Desk so that it's not right in the middle of dinner for the UK players and lunch for those out West! This also means it follows on from Bot Races, so could well help to get non-Hx players involved coming from the previous event.

As before, there will be 20+ questions overall - but where possible these will be split into categories of 5 questions each to shake things up and ensure a range of topics. I still have nightmares about the SNQ that was themed entirely around Twilight.

CRUCIALLY, there's a change to the prizegiving setup. It will now be 1c (minimum, host COULD say more if they feel rich) per correct question to be handed out at the end of each category, PLUS a grand prize each week for the overall winner! We hope this will make continued play more enticing as there will be prizes to win throughout, so even if some clever-clogs goes miles ahead you can still get more than just a pat on the back for carrying on.

The host will give a points and prizes update after each category so you can see how well (or not!) you're doing as we go, and to break the flow a little so that your little pixel brains don't get fried.

There's also a month of forum VIP and the SNQ winner award for your forum profile up for grabs if you're the overall winner:

...Aaaaand one for those who host, to say thank you!

If you have any further questions, have any ideas you'd like to share, or feel like getting involved as a host, just drop me a message any time Most importantly, I hope you all enjoy this fresh-faced version of SNQ!