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    Default The Habbox Summer Spectacular 2021 ~ RESULTS!

    Hey everyone! We've tallied up all the scores, checked the results (ok we made some mistakes before, oops!) and done the final draws... so now it's time to announce the winners of the Habbox Summer Spectacular 2021!

    Daily Top Scorers

    There were some mistakes from the original thread or missing events, which has slightly changed these results. These are the final winners!

    Friday 13 August - FlyingJesus and Nic01e with 24 points each
    Saturday 14 August - Hx.Ben with 86 points
    Sunday 15 August - LeChiongster with 62 points
    Monday 16 August - Oivind with 83 points
    Tuesday 17 August - Chipmunks with 76 points
    Wednesday 18 August - Oivind with 120 points
    Thursday 19 August - FlyingJesus with 83 points
    Friday 20 August - Oivind with 77 points
    Saturday 21 August - LeChiongster with 106 points
    Sunday 22 August - Oivind with 107 points

    Campaign winners

    ,megahao (50pts), The-Dream07 (30pts), Reece. (20pts).
    25c winners: sirapanda, Jarkie, __tbl, mardytar

    lawrawrrr (50pts), mardytar (30pts) VampireCookies (20pts).
    25c winners: IAmDaBlack, welshcake, instax, dhoffman78

    ,jamiexo (50pts), __tbl (30pts), RazzleMyDazzlee (20pts).
    25c winners: LucyFaye, Hx.Ben, __tbl, Kier...

    Ruth-On-Toast (50pts), @[email protected] (30pts), Hx.Ben (20pts).
    25c winners: Oivind, @[email protected], Ladyjthelegend, Ruth-On-Toast

    camlow (50pts), The-Dream07 (30pts), sirapanda (20pts).
    25c winners: @[email protected], mardytar, instax, batmanisagirl

    mardytar (50pts), LUCPIX (30pts), Ekelektra (20pts).
    25c winners: mazealt, camlow, _ashl3y, ,jamiexo

    ,megahao (50pts), cameron446: (30pts), FlyingJesus (20pts).
    25c winners: VampireCookies, Ekelektra, IAmDaBlack, ,jamiexo

    Help Desk
    nic01e (50pts), FlyingJesus (30pts) Oivind (20pts).
    25c winners: Cadigyna, Natty_Nat_Nat, CapriKatze, Sectional

    Rare Values
    The-Dream07 (50pts), Oivind (30pts), .::.Hurricane.::. (20pts).
    25c winners: esscee, The-Dream07, LUCPIX!, Toxic?_

    Room Builders
    Natty_Nat_Nat (50pts), IAmDaBlack (30pts), Hx.Ben (20pts).
    25c winners: jpablom, E.r.i.c.k!, Ekelektra, cameron446:

    Team winners

    First place is....

    Second place is....

    Third place is....

    Fourth place is....

    You can see where you came in your team by clicking here

    See the post below to see what your total final prize bounty is (from campaigns, daily top scorer, and your team), and contact a member of General Management to claim your prize!
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    Final prizes!

    Here is a list of the TOTAL prize winnings! Contact a member of General Management to claim your prize.

    Oivind - 725c
    LeChiongster - 600c
    Chipmunks - 400c
    FlyingJesus - 350c
    mardytar - 250c
    Natty_Nat_Nat - 225c
    Hx.Ben - 225c
    IAmDaBlack - 150c
    __tbl - 125c
    ,jamiexo - 125c
    Ekelektra - 125c
    MadameJaquack - 100c
    MarshMellow94 - 100c
    lawrawrrr - 100c
    Nic01e - 100c
    esscee - 75c
    LucyFaye - 75c
    Kier... - 50c
    Cameron446: - 50c
    @[email protected] - 50c
    instax - 50c
    Ruth-On-Toast - 35c
    sirapanda - 25c
    mazealt - 25c
    VampireCookies - 25c
    Cadigyna - 25c
    jpablom - 25c
    Jarkie - 25c
    welshcake - 25c
    camlow - 25c
    The-Dream07 - 25c
    E.r.i.c.k! - 25c
    Ladyjthelegend - 25c
    _ashl3y - 25c
    CapriKatze - 25c
    LUCPIX! - 25c
    dhoffman78 - 25c
    batmanisagirl - 25c
    Sectional - 25c
    Toxic?_ - 25c
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