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    Default Eurovision Sweepstakes 2022 - results!

    Eurovision has come and gone, and oh my what a bloody great night it was!

    That was quite possibly the strongest set of Eurovision finalists ever; utter joy, pure entertainment, blissful fun. I hope you guys enjoyed it at least a TENTH as much as I did.

    ...and now it's time for the prizes!

    The winner on the night was of course the Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine with their banger of a tune mixing traditional folk music with contemporary rap, really turning up the party. This gives us one prize winner, but there are a bunch more lined up to make it that much more fun

    Top of the pops

    In first place, winning 50c, 31 days of HC, 1 month forum VIP, and 300 forum tokens - our Ukrainian envoy from down under, @Ekelektra; !

    Close but no cigar

    In second, winning 20c, 31 days of HC, 2 weeks forum VIP, and 200 forum tokens - 2nd placed (WOO GO SAM RYDER) it's @cameron446:; !

    Bang average

    Right in the middle of the standings winning 20c, 14 days of HC, and 100 forum tokens - the Estonian cowboy whose Habbox counterpart is @Triz; !

    Nil points

    I'm very very pleased to say that no-one this year ended on zero! As I said above, it was a very strong year and so I am fully in support of nobody going home without points last night.

    Hometown hero

    An additional 10c and 50 forum tokens goes to @Ekelektra; as the UK public gave 12 points to Ukraine!
    This prize also goes to @lawrawrrr; as the UK jury gave 12 points Sweden!

    To diversify the winners a bit, I'll also give 10c to @ErickSloth; who drew Poland, whom the UK gave the most combined points to on the night.

    Land of hope and glory

    A bonus 50 forum tokens (for not being possibly eligible for the previous prize) goes to @cameron446:; representing the UK!

    Thank you all for taking part, and of course stick around for more fun competitions at Habbox!

    Prize totals:

    31 days HC
    1 month VIP
    350 tokens

    31 days HC
    2 weeks VIP
    250 tokens

    14 days HC
    100 tokens

    50 tokens

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