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The HxSS 2021 Awards
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    Default The HxSS Awards 2021 - YOUR AWARD WINNERS!

    Ooooh boy it's been a journey. 10 days of utter madness, and now here we are having just had the awards show with the final HxSS 2021 announcements!

    You can click here to see the big big final points and credits given out, but this thread is about the specific awards that you guys voted on.
    Thank you for all your votes, they've been tallied and below you'll see the "shortlist" of those who got the most votes for each category - if you don't see your name, it doesn't mean you got no votes, just perhaps not as many as others! A lot of these were extremely close and we had a lotttt of entries.

    A emoji and bold type denotes the winner of each category

    The Events

    Best events host

    Best DJ

    Best department campaign

    The Teams

    Best team leader

    Best team cheerleader

    I Carried The Team

    The People

    Luckiest player

    Unluckiest Player

    Worst sporting Habbo

    Sorest loser

    Best newcomer

    Funniest player

    Nicest player

    Best overall player

    I <3 Points more than my own Mother!

    The Things

    Best outfit

    Worst queue

    Best HxSS song?

    Best HxSS quote?

    Congratulations to our winners, and a massive thank you to everyone who's taken part in any way for HxSS 2021. Now go join all of the departments, drink some water, and we hope to see you all around in the community!

    Big love,

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